Introduction of Ordos Second International Conference for Culture & Creativity

Culture innovation+ Driving significant economic and social reform

Driving on the momentum of the Belt and Road initiative, the government of Ordos city and China Internet news center decide to jointly hold Ordos Second International Conference for Culture & Creativity in order to upgrade the local economy and promote its development mode in concert with national innovation strategy, as well as national supply-side structural reform. The conference will be held from Sep. 22nd to Sep. 24th in 2017 in the city of Ordos.

Through the bridge of the conference, it is hoped that reform can be promoted and value be produced.

Beidou Culture & Creativity Award

The committee will invite experts and teams from home and abroad along the route of the Belt and Road to participate in the exhibition and run for the awards for the top ten masters and top 5 new stars.All the outstanding works and designs will be chosen into the IP library for Ordos international cultural innovation programs incubated by Ordos Cultural and Creative Park. All the designs will be displayed online and offline.

  • Commerce
  • Applications
  • Communications
  • Scientific and Mathematical
  • Physical
  • Business design,new product development, packaging design,product design,service design.

  • Experience design, game design, interaction design, software design, software development, software engineering, system design, user experience design, user interface design, Web accessibility, Web design.

  • Book design, color design, communication design, exhibition design, graphic design, information design, instructional design, production design, sound design, theatrical design, typeface design, typography, motion graphic design, news design, visual communication, content design.

  • Combinatorial design, design of experiments.

  • Architectural design, architectural engineering, automotive design, cellular manufacturing, ceramic and glass design, environmental design, fashion design, floral design, furniture design, garden design, geometric design, industrial design, interior design/redesign, landscape architecture, mechanical engineering, sustainable design, urban design.

  • Masters

    The best design for Business; The best design for Application; The best design for Investment Value; The best design for Math and Science;The best design for Application Potential

    There are 10 trophies for the Master Awards, two trophies for each category, andrewards of 200,000 yuan for each awarded design.

  • New

    The best design for Aesthetic Value;The best design for Innovative Value;The best design for Investment Value;The best design for Humanitarian Value;The best design for Application Potential.

    There are 5 trophies for the new stars awards, one trophy for each category and rewards of 100,000 yuan for each awarded design.

  • The

    The Nominationsof the Belt and Road Beidou Culture & Creativity Award includes 15 vacancies, and 20000 yuan for each nominated design.

PS. The rewards of this conference are pretax.

  • Wang Qiguo

    Researcher of Institute of Cultural Industry, Peking University; Researcher of National Cultural Industry Innovation and Development Research Base; Member of the Consultative Group of Experts on the Film Promotion Law of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television; Assessment expert of Ministry of Culture National Cultural Industry Demonstration Park, Expert of Cultural and Creative Industry of People 's Government of Beijing, Expert of Support Fund; Chief expert of China CBS Brand Certification Standard System; Chief expert of China Brand Value Evaluation System.

  • Guo Yu

    The founder of Jiae, the chairman of Yin Ren Er Yi; the former chief designer of Baidu. China 's well - known user experience designer. Graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1992. In 2000, he got his master of design from Institute of Design, IIT. He used to work in Netscape, AOL, eBay, and Paypal. In the year of 2004, he returned to China, and become a chief designer and user experience designer in Baidu.

  • Lu Xiaobo

    Vice president of Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University; Executive director of Art and Science Research Center; Ph.D. Supervisor. He served as deputy director of the Chinese Ministry of Education Industrial Design Teaching Steering Committee, National Committee of China Association for Science and Technology, Deputy director of industry design committee, China Artists Association, Vice president of China Industrial Design Association, and so on.

  • Song Xiewei

    Dean of School of Design of Central Academy of Fine Arts; Vice dean of Graduate School of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Professor; Ph.D. Supervisor; Member of AGI; Distinguished expert of National Art Museum of China; Member of Chinese Artists Association; Jury members of China Scholarship Council; Assessment expert of Ministry of Culture.

  • Wu Jian

    General manager of Innovation Design Center of Haier; Vice president of China Industrial Design Association. Mr. Wu is responsible for several kinds of products’ image management. At the same time, he is also a member of the jury of German iF Conceptual Design Award, as well as the jury of American Core 77 Design Award. Mr. Wu also made contacts with oversea’ design system, and has made great breakthroughs in many international awards. In 2010, Haier won 15 iF Design Awards, include a gold award. From that on, Haier Innovative Design Center have won more than 50 awards, which ranks first in China. These achievements help Haier to be the best home appliances supplier.

  • TAI NORIKO (Japanese)

    Japanese senior designer and art instructor. She was graduated from Kyoto Seika University as a visual design major. She used to be a designer and art instructor in 4A advertising company. In 1989, she started IRONBALVE Co., Ltd. in Tokyo. In 1995, for the package, poster and PVC advertisement of Kewpie, she came to China for the first time. In 1997, she studied Chinese in Communication University of China. One year later, she started BABIBO in Beijing. From that on, she made good use her rich experiences and focused on combine the resources of both Tokyo and Beijing. From the perspective of Japanese design aesthetics and exquisiteism, she hopes to make a more creative and artistic.

  • Zou You

    Zou You is a professor of School of fashion, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, a doctor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He served as the director of the China Fashion Designers Association, the chairman of the Art Committee, and the director of the Beijing Garment Association's Fashion Designers Chapter. Mr. Zou is the winner of the 8th "brother Cup" International Youth China Designer Grand Gold Medal, he was named as "China Top Ten Fashion Designer" in 2004, and he won the title of "The 2007 Beijing Creative and Design Youth Person". He devoted himself to the practice and study of fashion design and design management, involved in numbers of actual design projects. He particularly focus on that is combine design with brand and business, using multidimensions to think of design in a deep way.

  • Mr. Lou Shi

    Mr. Lou Shi, senior partner and chief designer of Greenvine Design By Shi + Partners,chief consultant and designer of DXD Beijing design exchange. In 2003, together with old school designer John Neill from Australia, Mr. Shi established Greenvine Design Beijing office, and quickly developed a reputation as astute collaborator of the high-end living style world. In addition to designing private clubs, villas and boutique hotels, he has completed a number of well known real estate development clubs and show villas from 2008. The scale of Greenvine Design (Beijing) office’s projects continues to grow to commercial design, as evidenced by the event design and art installation. Grew up in historical Beijing and now home close to artistic New York City, Mr. Shi’s motto is: Modern luxury interiors, composed hybrid of east and west history, and contemporary art.

Constantly updating!

  • Collection of works:

    Jul. 22nd, 2017-- Sep. 16th, 2017

    Works review:

    Sep. 18th, 2017

    Works exhibition (online):

    Sep. 19th, 2017

    Works exhibition (offline):

    Sep. 22nd, 2017--Sep. 24th, 2017

    Prizes presentation:

    Sep. 24th, 2017 (closing ceremony)

    Publication of award-winning works (online):

    Sep. 25th, 2017

  • The main scope of the collection is the countries and districts along Belt and Road. Any research and development institution, institution of higher learning, brand enterprise, design company, manufacturer, advertising company, arts and crafts professional, or creative design lover, if you have any product or idea which is related to commerce, applications, communications, scientific and mathematical, or physical, then you can enter this competition in the name of unit or personally. Domestic independent innovation enterprises or well-known enterprises are particularly welcomed. (Extra tip: The award-winning works in other contests are not acceptable.)

    1. Value orientation

    You work has to be healthy and culture-loaded. It will be better if your work is rich in the spirit of culture innovation+.

    2. Aesthetic value

    Your work has to be impressing. The product’s image can be promoted by making use of fine cultures in a creative way. A good combination of the color and shape is also a carrier of traditional culture and creative design.

    3. Innovativeness

    Your design idea has to be farsighted, unique, and innovated. To show your imagination and creativity by making good use of new technology.

    4. Environmental-friendly and financial sustainability.

    Show your solicitude for the environment when designing, creating, using and recycling your work.

    5. Fine workmanship, high quality, and reasonable material.

    Your work has to be valuable, your creativity may contribute a lot to your product and brand

  • 1.Submission of works

    3-5 colored pictures or photos (no less than 300 dpi. Jpg) for each work, and a design description (400 words or less) is also needed. The name of both the designer and the project, your contact information and the address should be wrote in the note of the description. (You can write your design idea, design purpose, self-assessment, the method you used, and a note of the property right. Please be rich in content and succinct in style. If any traditional craft-work is used, please note its characteristics.)
    Please compress your files (tar and zip) before upload them.

    2.Registration channel

    Please log in to upload your work.

    3.Property right of the works

    Any counterfeit or infringement is unacceptable. Write a statement of your work, infringers should be responsible for every loss for it. Every one or unit cannot infringe intellectual property rights. Please submit the original and copy of certificate if you already have property right.

    4.Product production

    Send concrete objects if you want to put it into production.

    5.Data returned

    The materials and pictures/photos will not be returned. If your work is not suitable for us,we will notify you.

    6.Exhibitor statement

    After registration, the owners of the works in accordance with the rules of the competition agree to take part in the organizer’s exhibition and other activities. The owners of the award-wining works give the right to organizer to incubate it.

    7.Expense statement

    Your registration and review is free. After the competition, models will be returned back. You have to pay for the cost of design, model, sample, and product making.

    • Good aesthetic taste and aesthetic value. You have to show the international and domestic fashion elements in your creative design. Healthy and culture-loaded, your work will be better if it is rich in the spirit of culture innovation+.

    • Most of works should be producible. Good practical function and user experience are indispensable.

    • Your work has to have large market potentials and the ability to enlarge market. It need to meet the needs of consumers, has strong ability to develop and the potential to trade. It should have steady performance, advanced technology, reasonable function, which can satisfy consumers’ requirement of usage, maintenance, and security.

    • Original works only. Show your creativity according to the theme of this competition. Fully consider the possibility of using new technology, new material, new technique, as well as the idea of environmental protection. Your design idea has to be farsighted, unique, and innovated. To show your imagination and creativity by making good use of new technology.

    • Your work should fully show its high quality, so it can meet the requirements of relevant institution. Stable function, high quality, exquisite workmanship, full use of traditional technique, and complete packing are all needed.

    • Pay close attention to harmonious development between system and system, system and human being. Show your eco-friendly attitude, and try to meet the requirements of sustainable development. Show your solicitude for the environment when designing, creating, using and recycling your work.

    • Serve as an example and lead the way. Value oriented, you work have to have the potentials to reconcile with other industry. Market feasibility is also very important.

  • 1. When encounter the following conditions, organizing committee has the right to reclaim your trophy, certificate, reward, and the usage right of the logo.

    (1) The award-wining work is sure to infringe other people’s intellectual property rights.

    (2) The award-wining designer alter his/her work without giving a notice to organizing committee, and do not stop using its award-wining identification, or propagandize the work.

    2. All participants have to assure that they have never violate or infringe any intellectual property rights.

    All participants shall comply with the procedures for handling infringement complaints in strict accordance with the competition, include trademark, patent copyright, anti-unfair competition, indications of source, trade name right, integrated circuit, multimedia, technical secret, biotechnology, and so on.

    3. The organizing committee manages the information submitted by competitors closely.

    The organizing committee has the right to use the information about the participants and awards campaign activities, such as publishing award-winning information, exhibitions, publications and other first edition.

    4. Organizing committee has the ultimate power of interpretation.

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Culture & Creativity exhibition

The exhibition contains Masters and New Star exhibition. The committee will invite the most prominent teams and experts from 15 countries along the route of the Belt and Road to take part in the expo.

The committee will put on a long-term display of the designs in two ways namely online and offline.

Offline display will be open from 23rd Sep. to 24th in Dongsheng District of Ordos.

More 》

Ordos Summit

The summit contains press conference (Celebrity Red Carpet Show), main forum, two sub-forums, opening and closing ceremony, and awards dinner. The committee will invite officials from the relevant ministries and commissions, experts from home and abroad, renowned teams and scholars in the field of cultural innovation in order to provide with a high profile platform for ideas to gather in.

Creative Roles Carnival

Creative Roles Carnival includes the selection of the original IP and creative roles carnival. The latter covers Cos Run (5000 participants; 5km), All-star show of MAG and Mecha show. The following events and activities are special tags for the city’s vigorous cultural trend combined with creativity.


  • Secretariat of the Organizing
    Committee ( Ordos )

    Ordos Cultural District Management Committee

    Address: Building No.32, Wenming Road, Dongsheng district, Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China.

    Postcode: 017000


    Contacts:Ma Xiaoxia 15147523835

    ZhaoBo 18647721818

  • Secretariat of the Organizing
    Committee( Beijing )

    Address:10 F, Block A, China Foreign Language Building, No.89, North West 3rd Ring Road, Haidian, Beijing, China.


    Tel:86-10-8882 0258

    Contacts:Wang Qian

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    Ordos International Conference for Culture & Creativity

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